A story of Mom

Mom was a society girl, born and raised of the bluest blood into a society of aging aristocracy. She both played the role of socialite and pushed the boundaries of women of the time. Fleeing her overprotective parents, her travels took her across the world searching for herself and for greater meaning. After a brief romance in Switzerland, Mom returned to Britain to convalesce. 16 months later Mom was back wandering the world, this time following Lord Huxley Barrington on his archeological expeditions in Egypt.

Millicent’s Room

The attic room is on the third floor in a tiny Victorian town house located at 44 Castle Street. The aging brick building has a mossy slate roof with exterior plumbing spidering up the outside. Its tiny back yard is surrounded by tall stone walls with a small glass green house. The back of the wall borders the Barrington family lands and the entire town sits on the grassy mound of what was once a castle keep. Being a typical midland British town, the area is an odd mix of early industrialization and rural grass land.


Millicent is a solitary girl; having never known her father and only a picture of her mother, she is being raised by her grandparents (Or at least she is told they are her grandparents). Living in the attic room, Millicent loves to play dress-up with old clothes and go on rambles through her make-believe world. Her most favourite play space is in the cemetery behind the house, for it is there that she can freely commune with her make believe friends. Millicent is a loner not by choice but as a matter of circumstances of her upbringing. She is a very lonely child who is devoid of contact with others but still a survivor.