The Crypt

Millicent often regarded this crypt as the most frightening of any in the park. Not because of what it housed, but because it stirred reminiscences of a time not long past, memories that stopped her cold. Something about the clean lines of the façade, the grandeur of the door, brought back memories of hiding from what she called “swarm of the angry bees”. The swarm always brought thunder and fire.

The cloaked figure

This hooded sentinel was shrouded in mystery as the name plate had vanished years earlier. Millicent always felt this figure to be a protector of those who wandered through the yard. She would bow deeply and give a hearty greeting to what she felt was a very warm and inviting spirit. She was quite sure that if the person was alive today, she or he would be someone worth knowing.

The Jewel

The Jewel was a rare gemstone which was rumoured to have been taken from the recently discovered tomb of Uraeusthuthotep II in Egypt. It is a roughly polished carnelian opal, red in appearance and having mystic properties. Carnelian was linked to blood, energy and power. It was believed that carnelian was connected to Seth, a volatile god of desert and storms who murdered his brother Osiris. Embodying opposites, carnelian can also still the qualities Seth is known for: envy, hatred and rage. It’s also been said to deflect psychic attacks, however the stone is said to be unpredictable in its loyalty. It is also rumoured to be a cursed object.


To Millicent, this tombstone was the most puzzling, yet logical. On one side, its odd inscription read “the story will end when you finish it.” On the other side was marked “the story will end when it is finished.” This struck Millicent as completely logical and even sensible. She could not fathom though why any person would want such words marking their final resting place. Millicent did not give much further thought to this as she decided early on that the inhabitant of that space must be utterly mad and to be pitied.