Little Angel

When Millicent first began to visit the park, it was at this location she found a cache of objects tucked into a small wooden box and hidden amongst these stones. Millicent tried for weeks to ignore the box but curiosity got the better of her. Imagine her disappointment upon opening it, to find only a metal whistle, some coins, a map of the county, and some very stale chocolate. Feeling that the box contained the forgotten trinkets of another child, she re-stowed the cache where she found it.

Haggis Hollow and the open door

A lovely but restless Scot rests in this crypt. Millicent was always sure she could smell the aroma of cooking haggis as she passed by this tomb. Often the door would be a wee bit open as if someone or something were inviting her in. She would always close the door and sometimes place a stone to wedge the door shut. It was always slightly ajar on her next visit.

Angel of the children

There was a warm spot where the grass was particularly thick yet soft where Millicent would lie. She would spend time resting in this place with the angel peering over her. Millicent felt the angel to be a comforting presence with just a hint of a surprised look as if to say, “what are you doing here?”