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Located within an ancient forest overlooking the Barrington family lands, the cemetery dates back to the early 1600s. With the growing wealth of the region aligned with social customs of burial, the cemetery became a necropolis by the mid 1800s. Both crypts and statuary began to fill all available lands. By the end of that century with so many people dying to get admission, the last stone was laid in early 1930. This last grave was believed to be empty and marked by a large statue in remembrance of a young woman who mysteriously disappeared. Curious rumours persist that there are actually remains in the sepulchre.

Watcher Stone

In the beginning, Millicent felt that this stone was the gate keeper to what lay beyond. She felt obliged to ask permission every time she would enter the grounds and always engaged in polite conversation. She also felt it was the most troubled spirit in the yard and would go to great lengths to compliment the job it was doing. After some time, Millicent felt comfortable that a simple greeting would suffice.