Leo Wieser

Leo is the producer, co-director and co-writer of Skeleton Girl. He is also the founder, co-owner and President and CEO of Bleeding Art Industries.

Leo started working in theatre at a young age, learning behind the scenes at what was then Calgary’s Planetarium (and Pleaides Theatre). He has a BFA and MFA and designed costumes, sets, and lighting for arts companies across Canada.

His foray into pyrotechnics and special effects led him into the film industry, where has been working for over 20 years. Leo was honoured with an AMPIA Award for Best Special Effects Creator for his work on the movie Broken Trail starring actor Robert Duvall and for Ginger Snaps: Unleashed, and his and his partner’s company Bleeding Art Industries has won multiple awards and is highly recognized in the creative industries.

In addition to animating, Leo was also the production designer and technical director for Skeleton Girl. The film was based on an idea he had about a little girl with “skeletons in her closet”.