Mary and the Looking Glass

Mary is a dreamer, an orphan child who lives with her aunt. Separated from her parents after they died in a tragic accident, Mary spends much of her time alone, wishing she were anywhere than where she is.

Like many young girls her age, she likes to pretend that she is a princess, applying lipstick in front of her bedroom mirror, and dressing up in frilly dresses. She prefers books to people and her own company to that of others.

Ignored by her classmates, Mary can’t wait to return home to her books, her pet dog, and her beloved mirror. What starts out as playful preening and posing in front of the glass becomes something darker, as the image reflected back to her turns into something else.

Update: Mary and the Looking Glass was originally planned as a short film as a follow-up to Skeleton Girl. However, given the change in consumption habits and many new online streaming options for short form content, we have pivoted away from a stand-alone short film to integrating the Mary character into the Twisted Tales for Demented Children series.