Twisted Tales Anthology

After raging fires consume much of the city, residents seek shelter wherever they can find it – many fleeing to underground sanctuary. The world is introduced to a new weapon of terror and destruction so horrific it cracks open a rift between what is real and what is imagined. Children are separated from their parents, surviving in the voids that have been created. The Twisted Tales for Demented Children series takes place within this world, one not confined by standard rules. Scattered to the winds, seven children, once bound together, must forge their way in a universe where one’s actions can have devastating consequences.

A special Collector’s Edition of the Skeleton Girl film in both DVD and Blu-ray formats can be bought by clicking on Visit the Store in the main menu. It includes an exclusive behind the scenes feature, the 3D trailer, anaglyph glasses, a button, and background insert. Skeleton Girl is also now available with Chinese sub-titles on our Bleeding Art Industries You Tube channel and a trailer for the full Twisted Tales for Demented Children is now in production.